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King crab

King crab

If you're cooking long-legged crab, lobster or abalone for the first time, don't worry, the cooking process is very simple. When the seafood arrives, just tell us and we'll have someone teach you how to cook it.


Alaskan long-legged crabs are a world famous delicacy, and our long-legged crabs are all fresh and vigorous.

Alaskan long-legged crab, also known as emperor crab, is mainly found in Alaska's Arctic waters and is harvested year-round by fishermen, but supplies are highest in March. Emperor crab grows in inaccessible waters and is not affected by pollution, so the meat is especially tender and fatty, which is the best in seafood.

Generally, the frozen long-legged crab can be stored for several weeks to several months. In the long-term frozen condition, the gravy of long-legged crab will freeze. When defrosted, the congealled gravy will dissolve and run away at the same time. Frozen long-legged crabs/Emperor crabs are common in supermarkets and grocery stores. The most common frozen crab is Chilean Emperor crab. Fresh Alaskan long-legged crabs take less time to prepare than quick-frozen crabs and Chilean emperor crabs, saving nearly an hour of thawing time.
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